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At Elite Manufacturing our focus is on helping the maquiladora industry improve their production processes. Learn about our professional services.
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Design and manufacture of prototypes

We design and manufacture all kinds of parts in cold rolled, steel, stainless steel, delrin, solid polycarbonate and sheet, polyurethane, etc. Manufacture of fixtures, gauges, molds, guards, precision troqules, work stations, stainless steel tables, repair of dies.

Industrial Welding

We design and manufacture metal structures for industry and commerce that adapt to the needs of each client. We handle different types of welding such as: arc welding, Tig and Mig. We have trained technicians guarantee that we create reliable jobs.

Heat treatment and special finishing

We have the thermal treatment service with which the mechanical properties of metals such as hardness, strength and elasticity are improved. Special finish: anodized, blued, galvanized, sandblasted.

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We manufacture and assemble all types of modular tubular shelving that saves space in your warehouses and that adapts to your needs. The materials we use are highly engineered, which gives durability and resistance to the final product.

Design and eleboration of blueprints

We have a team of professional mechanical designers ready to give solutions to problems in production lines. Our designs are created with specialized 3D Design software in the most up-to-date versions.

Sale of original spare parts

We are suppliers of leading brands of spare parts for its automated processes, such as sensors, relays, data cables, engine parts and spare parts for machinery production processes.


Over the years, Elite Manufacturing has worked with clients of different sizes, from national to international, always trying to exceed the expectations of each one of them. Our customers are very valuable!

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