Welcome to Elite Manufacturing

We are experts in the design and manufacture of special parts for the maquiladora industry.

We design and manufacture all types of mechanical parts

Our work team is trained to create unique parts and spare parts

Industrial Welding

We manufacture all kinds of metal structures for industry or commerce

Welcome to Elite Manufacturing

We are a Mexican company dedicated to the design and manufacture of industrial parts and spare parts.
Welcome to Elite Manufacturing

What we do

Learn what we do at Elite Manufacturing.

Industrial Design

At Elite Manufacturing we know the challenges that a production line faces every day, which is why, through the design of specific solutions, we help you to face each one of them..

Industrial Welding

We have qualified technicians with extensive experience in the manufacture of metal structure solutions that will help you facilitate your production processes, we are also suppliers for the commerce sector.

Industrial Machining

At Elite Manufacturing we specialize in the creation of precision parts in different types of material according to the established requirements.

Mold Repair

We have extensive experience in the repair of molds and special fixtures.

Workstation Manufacturing

We design and manufacture any type of workstation for your production line..

Manufacture And Repair Of Spare Parts

We have extensive experience in the manufacture and repair of spare parts for all types of industrial machinery.


Hours worked

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Over the years, Elite Manufacturing has worked with clients of different sizes, from national to international, always trying to exceed the expectations of each one of them. Our customers are very valuable!

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