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About our company

Elite Manufacturing

We are a Mexican company established in Juarez City, Chihuahua, for more than 10 years. Since then we have grown significantly in human capital and as a company applying quality control procedures in each of the parts we create, which has allowed us to be suppliers of metal parts for the local manufacturing industry, which are exported to different countries around of the world.
With the strength of our young people and the experience of people who have years in the metal industry, we create an amalgam with great passion working day by day solving problems and creating designs and unique mechanical parts, so that our customers achieve their goals and objectives in its production lines and projects.
about us


We are a young company formed by personnel with a very high level of professionalism and experience in the field of design engineering and application of elements of metalworking, theoretical and applied engineering, walking towards excellence and leading the world class.


To be a world class company, using and managing resources to promote the quality of our products at all times and become the world leaders in the mechanical metal area, taking care of the guidelines of stability and harmony with the environment.

Quality Policy

We are highly committed to quality in the design, manufacture and installation of parts for the metal-mechanic industry. Meeting the requirements of our customers, using control tools and continuous improvement, to achieve the effectiveness of our quality systems.

What we do

Learn what we do at Elite Manufacturing.

Industrial Design

At Elite Manufacturing we know the challenges that a production line faces every day, which is why, through the design of specific solutions, we help you to face each one of them..

Industrial Welding

We have qualified technicians with extensive experience in the manufacture of metal structure solutions that will help you facilitate your production processes, we are also suppliers for the commerce sector.

Industrial Machining

At Elite Manufacturing we specialize in the creation of precision parts in different types of material according to the established requirements.

Mold Repair

We have extensive experience in the repair of molds and special fixtures.

Workstation Manufacturing

We design and manufacture any type of workstation for your production line..

Manufacture And Repair Of Spare Parts

We have extensive experience in the manufacture and repair of spare parts for all types of industrial machinery.


Over the years, Elite Manufacturing has worked with clients of different sizes, from national to international, always trying to exceed the expectations of each one of them. Our customers are very valuable!

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